Below is a brief program for the conference.

A more detailed program will be made available in the next few weeks. 

21th May 2017

Welcome Reception & Registration

Monday 22th May 2017

Theme of the day: Food Allergy and Global Regulations

  • Food Allergy, Public Health and Clinical Practices and Challenges
  • Food Safety Policy and Global Regulations
  • Risk Assessment, Thresholds and VITAL® Action Levels
  • Panel discussion

Tuesday 23th May 2017

Theme of the day: Allergen Management: Industry Best Practices and Challenges

  • “Allergen Control Plans” and VITAL®
  • Asia-Pacific Food Allergen Management Session 1
  • Allergen Detection Methodologies and Roles in FAM

Wednesday 24th May 2017

Theme of the day: New Development in Food Allergen and Allergy

  • Food Allergy Research Update
  • New Allergens and Management Challenges
  • Asia Pacific Food Allergen Management Session 2
  • Panel Discussion: where to from here